2021 – Prepared to shine

High School Ministry

Amajongosi is not just an ordinary teen ministry. Here we are passionate and on fire!

Focus points

To introduce Jesus to teenagers of all cultures. We make disciples of them, ensuring that they are baptised and help them grow spiritually.
Although our main task is to serve every teenager with simple and relevant topics, we also cater for lots of fun in a safe environment. We also offer our teens the following.
-Weekly fellowship groups in your area.
-On Fridays we start off with praise and worship and share God’s word. Many miracles have taken place during such meetings. Thereafter it is time to socialise.
-Opportunities are created for Bible study and prayer.
-On Sundays, especially the Sunday evening services,  the focus is more on the younger generation. The music is vibrant and for the young and free.

Manny Joao: 082 955 8353

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