I want to join a connect group

Who Can Attend a Connect Group?
Connect Groups are for everyone attending Word and Life Church and anyone in the community looking for a church home or a place to connect with God. There are groups for women, men, and married couples, young and old.


During this time we come together online and in groups at our houses. We do online meetings on google meet. Our Connect groups are the basic building block of the church. We meet on a weekly basis online all over Gauteng. Sunday is the day that we come together(also online) and celebrate our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our Connect groups are the place where people fellowship with each other, support, help each other and do life together. Just as in the Bible, we use the true Acts church as our example. Each Connect group is made up of three or more people maximum 12 who gather on a weekly basis to enjoy the true Christian community.A Connect Group is a community of people committed to doing life together. Every connect group includes the following 4 elements: fellowship, scripture, prayer, and outreach.


Connect with your Generational Pastor

If you want to connect to your generational pastor –

Steve Erasmus
Johan Olivier
Leon Janse van Vuuren
Gerhard Darlton
Morné Kruger
Raymond Nell
Bjorn Uys
Chevone Badenhorst
Nythan Pienaar
Ruth-Anne Theunissen
2009 - 2021
Sybil Bezuidenhout
Benoni Campus