Believe it, Live it
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Word & Life Worship started off as a youth band of Word and Life Church .Later on, the Youth band started to serve in 4 different services throughout the week. This then resulted in making the team the official Word and Life band.

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Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership depends on attitude and skill. Attitude and skill depend on what we do. We read in Prov. 23:7 (NKJ), “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” What we do, depend on what we say and what we say, depend on what we think. So, the bottom line of the leadership shortage worldwide is mainly in the way we think. By wanting to equip yourself with higher education, you are already a leader.

Here at Word and Life we want to give you the opportunity to become a leader and help others to make a difference in our community.

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One of Word and Life’s key values is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. This is why we plant as many churches as possible to the glory and honour of God.

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