2021 – Prepared to shine

Ronnie en Henriëtte Barnard

Pastor Ronnie entered the ministry at the young age of 20. With his wife Henriëtte at his side, they started their first church in Jacobsdal. The congregation flourished within a short period of time and Pastor Ronnie moved on to his next challenge. He served in Graaff Reinett, Carletonville, Durban, Bloemfontein and George. In all these churches he achieved great success.

In 1990 Past. Ronnie, Henriëtte and their two sons, Renaldo and Doray, moved to Boksburg, Gauteng. It was then when Pastor Ronnie received a vision of a mega church (Our church today). Seven years later the foundations for the church were laid. Pastor Ronnie’s passion is to raise up new leaders, and he has been doing so throughout South Africa and also the rest of the continent, India and China.

Henriëtte has a very special gift of teaching and is a widely accredited motivational speaker. Her heart for people as well as renewal has been the driving force behind her successes all these years.

The story of a young stuttering pastor without a future turned out differently than anyone thought. Pastor Ronnie is beyond grateful for what God has done at Woord en Lewe Church thus far.